Dr. Miller has worked with my family for years. We started going to him· when I was pregnant and dealing with horrible back pain. Dr. Miller was able to help alleviate my pain safely and effectively during my pregnancy. Since then, my children have all been to see him for various reasons, stomach issues, constant ear infections, etc. Dr. Miller has been able to address all of these issues and help improve my children's well-being. Now, due to being gymnasts and dancers, my children continue to see Dr. Miller every few months to ensure that their backs stay in alignment, helping them to stay as healthy and pain free as possible. Whenever, one of them suffers an injury Dr. Miller is quick to treat and address the problem as to not prolong the recovery period as well. We are so thankful for the care that we have received from him over the years and plan to continue seeing him for years to come.

Katie O

I had a colicky baby who would cry/ scream most of her waking moments. We tried so many different remedies from gas medicine to herbal remedies to baby massaging. All of which had mild results temporarily. We finally took our daughter to get adjusted. Since that adjustment she has not had any colic symptoms! Chiropractic was the cure we were looking for and I am so glad we had our girl adjusted! Dr. Miller is a wonderful chiropractor who has been adjusting me for 20+ years. I highly recommend him for anyone in the Portland/Vancouver area!

Neriah H.

A doctor who takes the time to discover the underlying cause of your problem and design a treatment plan to address those issues.

Jerry M.

Great doctor that genuinely cares about his patients.

Judith K.
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